If you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, simply thinking about going forward with a business opportunity, or struggling to resolve a challenging problem or dispute, and need assistance analyzing your options, implementing a game plan, negotiating an agreement with customers, business partners, tax authorities or others, Dos Buenos Amigos can help you and, working closely with you, put together a going-forward game plan that gives you the best chance to achieve your business objectives.

For example, we can help you:

  • Decide which business structure is best for your planned operations, taking into consideration your personal situation and long-term business goals (Sole Proprietorship, LLC, Partnership, Corporation and other, more customized and creative structures, such as Cooperatives)
  • Troubleshoot, negotiate and resolve business disputes with customers, suppliers, employees, independent contractors, or government authorities.
  • Negotiate Federal tax matters with the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Negotiate contract terms, business partnerships, and strategic alliances.
  • Assist you in choosing and working with other professional specialists such as attorneys and accountants.
  • Analyze problems and opportunities in your current business, including those related to Trademark, Copyright, Self Publishing and Pro-Team Publishing.
  • Understand confusing documents, processes or people.