We will assist small business ventures in New Mexico by 1) providing helpful, business focused information on our website, 2) providing specific consulting and representation services in appropriate situations and 3) developing new, innovative approaches to all sorts of business opportunities and challenges unique to New Mexico.

Let’s be more specific.

The Dos Buenos Amigos Business Consulting LLC website will provide free, basic, accurate and practical business information.

Initially, our focus will be information we refer to as “Small Business Basics”. Information particularly useful to those considering forming and operating a business either by themselves or as a small group.

Specifically, we will develop information modules (BLOG POSTS) built around topics like:

  1. Basic Business Structures (sole proprietorship, limited liability corporations, corporations, partnerships and cooperative forms of organizations),
  2. Basic Accounting (profit and loss statements, balance sheets and other financial reports)
  3. Basic Business Law (contract law, legal liabilities and insurance) and
  4. Basic Business Decisions (hiring employees or independent contractors).

Dos Buenos Amigos Business Consulting LLC will provide high quality, affordable business consulting and representation services in specific situations in which our expertise can provide immediate assistance to individuals or small groups.

We will also lead in the exploration and development of new and innovative business operations and associated legal structures that will make it easier for like minded, community focused individuals to form and operate socially conscious, profit making ventures in accordance with community based principles and standards in efficient, cost effective ways.

We will do this because we believe small businesses offer the best structure for rebuilding and reinvigorate our economy here in New Mexico.

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