small-business-supportYour Next Step

If you have a business problem, challenge or opportunity you want to talk about, send us an email or give us a call. We will respond promptly. If we think we can be of assistance, we’ll set up an in-person meeting.

Maybe that will be all that’s needed. You could come away with some questions answered or a potential action plan in mind, all at no charge for our first meeting.

If things aren’t so easily resolved and we agree to work together on a longer-term project, Dos Buenos Amigos will put together a written analysis of the situation, propose a going-forward plan and a fee estimate. If we agree to work together, the basics of our agreement will be put in a simple written document. That way we both know what to expect, we can get started right away and get things accomplished promptly.

About our fees: Dos Buenos Amigos fees will be fair, reasonable and clearly stated.

As a client, you will never be surprised. Our preference is to use a set-fee structure, not hourly rates, but we will consider any common-sense proposal.

As a final note, great communication between Dos Buenos Amigos and its clients is a must. Therefore, we work with very few clients and take a hands-on, customized approach on all projects. If this way of doing business appeals to you, please consider doing business with Dos Buenos Amigos, and remember, the first consultation is free.