Stan’s Business History

I grew up working in my family’s business, a very small resort in Northern Michigan. As that was a non-paying job, I supplemented my income working as a janitor during the day and taking tickets at the movie theatre in the evening. I received my formal business education at Central Michigan University (Bachelor of Science, Business Administration), my law degree from the Catholic University of America, and my Masters in Tax Law from Georgetown University Law School.

I spent thirty-five years as a  business advisor and attorney, bringing ethical, realistic, and creative solutions to business challenges. I specialized in the negotiation of mutually-beneficial agreements of all kinds using a business/legal team approach.

Over those years, my clients included all types of businesses including the University of Michigan, large public corporations (Comdisco Inc. and  AT&T Capital Corporation), an individual start-up corporation (Encore International Inc.) and numerous small businesses.

Here’s a brief summary of my business career, along with representative projects:

As the Senior Business Lawyer at the University of Michigan

  • Established a foundation in Hong Kong to house the activities of the university’s School of Business’s Executive Education Program in Asia
  • Negotiated multi-million dollar contract for provision of enterprise-wide Clinical Information System for the university’s hospital system.
  • Negotiated the sale of the university’s M-CARE health insurance subsidiary to Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Negotiated numerous trademark and marketing agreements on behalf of University of Michigan Athletics including a precedent setting agreement with Nike.

As VicePresident and Associate General Counsel of Comdisco Inc.

  • Negotiated corporate asset and stock acquisitions within the United States, United Kingdom and France ranging in value from $5 million to $500 million.
  • Structured and negotiated complex joint venture agreement with our Japanese partners.

As Vice-President and General Counsel CMI, Encore International, AT&T Capital

I began as the Tax Attorney for a mid-size computer leasing and financing company called CMI Inc. which was acquired by an inside investor, Torchmark Corporation by operation of the appropriately named “shoot-out” provision. At that point, I joined senior management in a new start-up company, Encore International Inc., which, after a very successful run, was acquired by AT&T Capital.

As an ASSOCIATE ATTORNEY in a medium-size tax based law firm, representing primarily small businesses and individuals and tax based

My work focused on helping small and mid-size family businesses in all phases of the business life cycle, taking advantage of business opportunities, planning for the future, dealing with downturns, expanding, contracting, transferring ownership to the next generation.

More details about my career, including my first job as an Internal Revenue Auditor/Agent can be found on under Stan Bies